Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies

Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies

The Toy Aussies are just FUN!!!! These are very cute, intelligent puppies that will become a loyal member of your family, and capture a special place in your heart, as they have with ours.   You will find that they are friendly little dogs with a great big heart.

Below you will find the Toy Australian Shepherd puppies we have available for adoption. If you’d like to reserve your puppy, first Read our Policies. Next, Contact Us to reserve your puppy with your non-refundable deposit.

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We are expecting Toy Aussie puppies in January / February 2021.

Gracie & Max’s Litter of Mini/Toy Aussie Puppies

DOB: 10-15-20
Ready to Go Home: 12-15-20

Itty Bitty

Black/White/Tri Female
Estimated Size: 10 Inches Tall
ASDR Registry
Headed to the Stevens Family of Indiana


Blue Merle Female
Estimated Size: 10-12 Inches Tall
ASDR Registry
Headed to the Mundrean Family of Illinois


Blue Merle Male
Estimated Size: 10-12 Inches Tall
ASDR Registry
Headed to the Howard Family of Arkansas


Blue Merle Male
Estimated Size: 13-15 Inches Tall (largest in litter)
ASDR Registry
Pet Price – $1250
Breeding Rights – $1650

Upcoming Litters

Contact Us if you’d like to reserve a puppy from a future litter.

About Shallow Creek Farm’s Toy Australian Shepherds

Character: The Toy Australian Shepherd is an intelligent breed. It is primarily a working dog of strong herding and guardian instincts. This breed is an excellent companion and is versatile and easily trained performing their assigned tasks with great style and enthusiasm. The Toy Australian Shepherd is reserved with strangers, but does not exhibit shyness.

Temperament: The Toy Australian Shepherd is an excellent companion for children. They act as a devoted friend and guardian. Toy Australian Shepherds are easy going, loyal and courageous. The Miniature Australian Shepherd can become nervous and destructive without frequent socialization and proper exercise. They are working dogs and want a job to do.

Care: The Toy Australian Shepherd needs little grooming and are an average shedder. Brush occasionally with a firm bristled brush and bathe only when needed.

Training: The Toy Australian Shepherd is easily trained. They seem to have a sixth sense to know what their owner wants and they are very eager to please. The Toy Australian Shepherd does need training at an early age to avoid nipping at the heels of humans as they are a herding dog by instinct and will try to herd their humans.

Activity: The Toy Australian Shepherd needs daily, vigorous exercise. They enjoy long walks and play-time as they are an energetic breed. They do best when they have a job to do.

Available Puppies

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